Intelligent system for pain control

Following several tests during the development of Yaoteq ™, acupuncture system, we realized that the stimulation produced on acupuncture points by the AI ​​ (artificial intelligence) system were able to real time control even the phenomena of local algic symptoms. In this case also the stimulations is within the context of the very low current intensity (millionths of amperes) but the perfect control of the waveforms real time developed and packaged instant by instant on request of tissue, has produced surprising developments initially not be suspected. We are indeed excited about the dramatic consequences that this method will be able to produce in terms of economy and savings of the social costs of treating algic and debilitating diseases.

It is therefore born a scientific rib which, using the same hardware but different software, has engineered a second instrumentation adapted exclusively to the treatment of algic pathologies with applications ranging from :

  • sports medicine
  • orthopedics
  • traumatology
  • neurology
  • vascular and visceral disease.

We are still trying to assess the possible extension of the method to different fields of application in pathologies in both acute and chronic diseases.

The product is currently marketed by the German Cymedics ™ with the name “Acute”.