System for diagnostics and therapy for intelligent acupuncuture according to the rules of traditional Chinese medicine

Make a diagnosis according to the criteria of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture) turns out to be very critical for a doctor trained in Orthodox Western Medicine. The traditional method is in fact based on acupuncturist sensitivity, experience and ability by auscultation of wrists pulses and patient’s careful observations (language, colorful, voice, posture, etc.) together with medical history, can describe an energy framework useful for a therapeutic approach using needles (traditional acupuncture).

Our goal was therefore to develop a “scientific” method, “repeatable” for definition, able to describe the patient’s energetic conditions starting from the “objective” detection of bio-potential. This as a scientific alternative to the “subjective method ” of auscultation of the wrists. It is so born a sophisticated electronic methodology able to detect, analyze and gather all living potential information detected on the patient to construct a kind of energies distribution like an “in vivo map”. We believe to have built the first knowledge bridge to link two medical visions opposing each other and unable to understand and communicate each other. So we are proud to have created the scientific basis of a desirable interaction and medical-scientific cooperation between Western and Eastern medicine which can now speak the same language of science.